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When you choose to hire us you’ll see why there is a difference between us and the ordinary real estate agent. We’ve been selling real estate here in the Henderson and Las Vegas area since 2003. We’ve experienced multiple market shifts. We study the market constantly for any indicators that will benefit our customers and clientele.

Klinger real estate group offers many choices in listing your home for sale. There are many factors to take into consider when placing your home on the market. Anna & Michael Klinger Top Agents here at the Klinger Real Estate Group pride themselves in selling homes for TOP DOLLAR within the sellers desired time frame. We are experts and understand the Henderson real estate housing market, and will do the appropriate advertising to achieve success.

Pricing Experts

Klinger Real estate Group will assist you with proper pricing of your home. We will provide you with the information you will need to make an educated decision. We will also give you our opinions on price, appearance, ideas for staging your home, and tips for showing appointments. We have many options for staging homes for sale to move quickly and for TOP DOLLAR.


Our marketing efforts are second to none. We pride ourselves on getting maximum exposure for your property. We use high end Nikon camera equipment to capture HDR images of your home's interior and exterior, any selling features. We also use 3D Technology to provide a virtual walk-through experience for potential buyers. This is especially useful during these crazy times with COVID-19. With our photos and 3D Tours we’ve been able to sell multiple homes easily during the Covid lockdown and showing limitations.


Once an offer arrives we will work with you on all aspects, conditions and terms of the offer. We will then review all of the negotiable items, assisting you with all options available to you. We will walk you through the escrow process and continue to help you negotiate the best option for you when it comes to the home inspection and repair request as well as helping you through the negotiations that may come with the buyer’s appraisal. We will ensure that the correct documents are signed and the appropriate information is disclosed to the buyer to protect you legally.

Getting the Job Done!

Selling your home in Henderson, Boulder City, or Las Vegas can be overwhelming, but we will be at your side through every step of the process! We specialize in selling residential real estate. This is what we do and is why you’re here. All you need to do is click to call and we’re ready to help you sell for Top Dollar!

Recent Sold Homes

Klinger Real Estate Group does it again with another record sale in Amber Ridge.  We get the job done putting thousands extra in sellers pockets.  Call us today and don't loose out on your equity! Sold 1890 sf model in Boulder Creek for a record sales amount.  Want to get top dollar for your Boulder Creek home call Michael 702-296-9736 he specializes in getting you top dollar for your home. Sold 546 Heswall Court in record time with record sales amount at the start of the Covid Lockdown.  Certified Residential Specialist Michael Klinger knows how to sell in any market and pandemic.  It's all how you do it.  Call Michael 702-296-9736 he specializes in getting you top dollar for your home.

Tips for Sellers

Top Selling Tips to Get Your House Sold

Selling your house can be one of the most stressful experiences, especially if you don’t have the right licensed real estate agent on your side. By choosing an agent from Nevada Desert Realty, you will have an agent who has already sold many other homes and knows what you can do to get your home sold fast and for top dollar. Below are just some of the things that Nevada Desert Realty’s real estate agents will consider when helping you sell your Henderson, Las Vegas, or Boulder City home.

Pricing your house right

One of the most important selling tips to get your house sold is to price it right. You need to be in a price range that is competitive with the current market and price trends and yet still isn’t asking too little for your home. Homes that are listed way above market value will often turn off buyers as they assume that the homeowner is unreasonable. Understanding market trends and being able to predict where the market is going is essential and is a skill that takes time to learn. Having a real estate agent who takes all these things into consideration when helping you price your home can save you months of waiting for your home to sell and save you money.

Staging your home

Staging doesn’t have to be an over the top process where you have to hire someone to bring in all new furniture into your home to get it to sell. Although this can be arranged, you can usually work with what you have. The key is to not over crowd your home with furniture pieces. Your home can appear bigger and more spacious when it is not over crowded. Simple things like packing away some side tables, extra chairs, large toys, and more can help improve the appearance of openness in your home. Nevada Desert Realty helps home buyers all the time and listen to what they look for. They can help you figure out what you need to do when staging your home to sell.

Place for sale signs

Unless your home has strict HOA rules about posting signs, Nevada Desert Realty will get a sign up in your front yard. Placing a for sale sign up in your yard will alert your neighbors and those living in your area that your home is for sale. Often times neighbors are looking for a home near them for a relative or friend moving to the area. Friends of neighbors who are drawn to the neighborhood will also take notice even though they may not have gone and searched on the internet for homes for sale in the area. Placing a for sale sign in the front yard is a great way to generate interest and spread the word that your home is for sale.

Optimizing your home’s internet presence

We will post your home on the Las Vegas MLS which syndicates to hundreds if not thousands of listing sites. We will post your home’s listing on our website, social media outlets, 3rd party real estate websites, online classified ads, and more. Getting the word out quickly using the right verbiage and photos will help find an interested buyer quickly.

Take professional photos of your home

Getting professional photos taken of your home is another one of the really important selling tips to get your house sold. Many real estate agents are not trained professionals and often times will just use their cell phone to take the photos of your home which will be syndicated throughout the internet listing sites. If the photos are dark, unclear, and poorly taken it can make your house look like a cave, which will not attract buyers willing to pay top dollar for your home.

Deep clean the home before listing

It is imperative that your home is clean when we take photos and buyers come to see the home. This is one of the selling tips to get your home sold that could make several thousand dollars worth of difference. If you are someone that hates cleaning, we have a few cleaning companies that we recommend that will clean your home for a reasonable price. Paying a cleaning crew if you are not willing or wanting to clean your home yourself is a great investment and will help you get top dollar for your home.

Depersonalizing your home

Depersonalizing your home means taking down personal photographs and art that may be special to you to make the home seem less like yours and more of a blank canvas for buyers. If a buyer sees a lot of personal photos and items throughout the home, it may make them uncomfortable and like they’re intruding. Instead you want them to picture themselves in your home, which can be easily accomplished by depersonalizing & remove clutter in your home.

Consider the curb appeal

Many people are heavily influenced on how the exterior of the home looks, or what they see from the curb. You may have a home that is fantastic on the inside, but if the outside has overgrown weeds or plants, trash and junk everywhere, you may not be able to get buyers out of their car and into your home. Be sure to pack up personal items you may have left in your front yard or that are visible from your front yard.

Tell others that your home is up for sale

Maybe you know someone that loves your home and is looking to move. Don’t be afraid to tell others that you’re selling your home or even share our social media posts with the details and photos of your home sale. We will go above and beyond in getting the word about your home selling out there, but you are the one that knows the most people who have already seen your home and the area in that you live in.

Keep in touch

We will keep in touch about how many showings your home is receiving, what the next step is if your home isn’t selling as quickly as you would like, and more. Be sure to get your questions answered! It is our job to make sure you are satisfied with everything we are doing to get your home sold, so don’t hesitate to contact your agent at any point of the home sale.

If at this point you are ready to get your Henderson, Las Vegas, or Boulder City house sold, contact us at 702-509- 1446 for a free consultation. We will meet with you one on one to discuss personalized selling tips to get your house sold fast and for top dollar.

The Process of Selling a House in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City

The process of selling a house may seem stressful, but it can be laid out in some very simple steps. If you follow these steps to protect yourself in the sale of your home, you will avoid as many stressful situations as possible and ensure that once escrow closes, you will not have to worry about the home you've sold again! Below is the process of selling a house, if you have any other questions that aren't covered below, please contact us at 702-509-1446 for free, professional real estate related advice!

Contact a licensed real estate agent

There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to sell their home. Many homeowners want to get their home fast with as little effort on their part as possible, others need or want to get their home sold for top dollar and will have to put in some work to fix up their home. By contacting a real estate agent, you will have help determining what you need to do in your current situation. Your real estate agent will also help you develop a selling strategy and provide you with current market statistics that will help you make an informed decision about when to sell your house, what you need to do to your house to get it market ready, and wh en you should put it on the market. This should be your first step in the process of selling a house as it will help you get on track and acquire realistic expectations.

Make a to-do list

After talking to a real estate agent (you can interview multiple before you settle on the one you want to sell your home), make a list of what you need to do to get your home sold. Most likely you received this information from your real estate agent, but making a to do list will help you prioritize and get things done. If you are not able or willing to do anything to the current state of your home, you may have to settle for a lower sale price. Doing a few things in the beginning steps of the process of selling a house will help you have a smoother home selling experience. Contact Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446 for a free home valuation and more!

Depersonalize and remove clutter

To depersonalize your home, you will need to pack up the items in your house that are “specifically you” - photos of you and your friends or family, “quirky” art pieces, and homemade items should be among the things packed up to depersonalize your home. Depersonalizing your home helps buyers imagine the home is theirs when being shown your house. If a buyer walks into a home with many photos of people they don’t recognize, it may be hard for them to think about the home being theirs and may make them uncomfortable as they realize they’re walking through a stranger’s house. As you are depersonalizing your house, you may at the same time be decluttering. You want your home to seem larger and taking out temporary unnecessary furniture pieces such as side tables or foot rests can really help with making the space seem larger. If there are kids in the household, you will want to pack up as many toys as possible as well, at least while the house is being shown. This will help the home seem cleaner and may attract more buyers interested in paying top dollar.

Scrub every surface

You will want to make sure your house is spotless. Hiring a maid service if you are not up to the task yourself will make you money in the end as a clean house can make several thousand dollars worth of difference. If you are doing the cleaning yourself you may want to invite a few fresh pair of eyes over to help you with the process as you may be use to certain things in your home that need to be cleaned or removed. Making sure the home is clean will help buyers not to run away from your home.

Staging your home

This will depend on what you need out of the sale of the home as staging a home can get pricey. You will want to ask for your real estate agent’s advice as many times cleaning and remove cluttering is enough. There are professional staging companies, but you may be able to stage your home with what you already have. You may want to pick up a few home magazines or search the internet for the newest trends and try to accomplish a modern look with what you have. This may mean painting a few pieces of furniture or reupholstering a couch or a set of chairs. As stated above, this step in the process of selling a house may not be right for you, so be sure to ask your agent for their expert advice! Contact your local real estate expert!

List your home on the MLS

After you have decluttered, cleaned, and depersonalized, you will want to get your home listed! This will require signing several documents from your real estate agent and contacting your mortgage lender to see how they go about having the mortgage paid off. Once your home is listed on the MLS by your real estate agent start to expect showings! If your home is not getting viewed by potential buyers, you may want to meet back with your real estate agent after a predetermined amount of time to discuss how to proceed with t he sale of the home. You may also want to share some of your real estate agent’s marketing on your social media so that you can reach more people with the news that your home is for sale.

Be ready for showings

After your home is officially for sale, you will have to be careful to try and keep your home clean and decluttered. You may only receive an hour or so of notice that a buyer is on their way to view your house so make sure whatever clean up required will only take a few minutes. You may want to keep a few empty boxes around that you can throw all your loose stuff in and hide in your garage or closet.

Accept an offer

Once you begin to receive an offer or multiple offers, you will have to decide which one to accept! With each offer, you will be able to counter the offer. You can also reject offers if they do not meet all your requirements. Be sure to keep track of the offers you do receive as it will help you determine what people are willing to pay for your home.

Begin Escrow

After you accept an offer, you will begin escrow! The buyer will send an Earnest Money Deposit to the escrow company decided in the purchase agreement/offer. This Earnest Money Deposit is to ensure that the buyer is genuinely interested in the home and if they cancel for any unexplained reason, you will be reimbursed by the Earnest Money Deposit. Find other homes for sale in your area!

Home Inspection and Appraisal

During the escrow process, the buyer will most likely hire a home inspector to inspect the entire house to look for any damages to the home. This will help the buyer make an informed decision about buying the home and may ask you to repair a few items before moving forward with the sale of the home. It is during this time period in the process of selling a house that the buyer can back out of the sale if they find something wrong during the home inspection. If the buyer is using a mortgage to pay for the home, the lender will have an appraiser come to view the home and determine the current market value. This value is what the lender will determine how much money they are loaning the buyer for the purchase of the home. The buyer may also want to renegotiate after the appraisal if they deem the home is worth less than the current offer/purchase agreement between you and the buyer.

Closing escrow

Before escrow closes, you will want to make sure your agent has no more documents for you to sign, you have an appointment with your title company to sign their final closing documents, and make sure that the title company and your current mortgage lender are in communication about transferring enough money to cover the remaining balance on your home. The buyer will do a final walkthrough to make sure that there were no damages while you moved your things out and to make sure everything in the home is still working. If they do find something that is wrong with the home that wasn’t found during the home inspection, they can ask for money to cover the repairs that will need to be made. If at any time during the process you do not want to negotiate, you don’t have to, but you may lose your buyer. Having a real estate agent during this step in the process of selling your home is key as they can ask the buyer’s agent questions to get a feel of where the buyers are at… are they flexible? Do they have enough money to fix certain things themselves? Answers to these questions will help you during the sale of your home.

Sign the final documents and hand over your keys

After you sign the final documents, the funds will be transferred to pay off your mortgage, your real estate agent and the buyer’s agent, the title company for closing costs, and then you! You will need to hand over the keys and the title company will send in the closing documents to the county to get the home out of your name and into the new owner(s)’s names. Funds may take up to a week to transfer to your bank, but after that you are done with the sale of your home! See just sold homes in Henderson and other homes for sale in Henderson, NV:

Checklist for Selling a Home

There is a lot of work that goes into selling a home. Having an organized checklist for selling a home with all of the things you will have to do will help you take this process one step at a time!

You can interview multiple local real estate agents before you settle on the one you want to sell your home, and they can help you personalize this checklist for selling a home with what you need to do to get your home sold. Completing this checklist for selling a home in the beginning steps of the process of selling a house will help you have a smoother home selling experience.

  • Hire a real estate agent - They will save you money in the end! Depersonalize! Get a head start on packing by putting away personal photos and items
  • Make the clutter disappear - While you’re packing up the photos, put away any additional unneeded items
  • Clean everything - You may even want to hire a maid to do a deep clean of the home
  • Stage the home - Or at least try to modernize what you have and arrange it to make your home look bigger!
  • Contact your current mortgage company - Make sure you owe less than what your home is worth so that you can walk away from the sale without debt!
  • Do some market research! Find out what homes like yours are selling for
  • Know where you’re going - home sales can be as quick as 30 days, be sure you have somewhere to go!
  • Curb Appeal - When you drive up to your home, what are you seeing? Curb appeal is huge when selling your home!
  • Be ready for showings - Buyers will be visiting your house to see if they want to purchase your home! Be sure to have a plan of how to get out of your home fast!
  • Do some repairs - Most buyers require a home inspection, if you know there are a few broken things around your house, you may want to fix those up so the buyers won’t be scared off
  • Let your friends know - You may not have to deal with the hassle of having buyers come see your home if you already know someone who is willing to purchase it!

Sign the listing docs from your agent when you’re ready to sell. After your home is listed, be quick to sign documents from your agent! This will help your home selling process go much smoother!

Contact Nevada Desert Realty to schedule a consultation to develop your market strategy! 702-509-1446! The home selling process will be much easier and stressful once you have a checklist for selling a home! Having a real estate agent will help you through it will ensure that you are protected from being sued during or after the sale of your home. Having an experienced real estate agent on your side will also help you get the best price for your home and they will also market the home to get the right amount of traffic it needs. Contact Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446 to receive a free home seller consultation.

Find out more about the home selling process here! See other houses for sale in Henderson and just sold prices!



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