Selling Tips To Get Your House Sold – Make Your Home Sparkle

When preparing to sell your home, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in preparing for a sale. People invest money into their home before they sell to be more competitive in their real estate market. Those home sellers who know what they’re doing can easily see a return on this investment and make more money on the sale of their home. While this is a great practice for those who are financially able to make a few upgrades, this isn’t the situation all sellers find themselves in. One extremely inexpensive way to get your home ready to sell is to make sure it’s spotless. Hiring a maid service if you are not up to the task yourself will make you money in the end as a clean house can make several thousand dollars worth of difference. Below are a few selling tips to get your house sold at top dollar simply by doing a deep clean.

Get Help

If you are doing the cleaning yourself you may want to invite a few fresh pair of eyes over to help you with the process as you may be use to certain things in your home that need to be cleaned or removed. Maybe these friends may have a few cleaning secrets to how to get certain things cleaned that you didn’t know about! Having some advice from others who aren’t used to living in your home can really help you make your home sparkle!

Put an emphasis on what buyers are looking for

The kitchen and bathrooms are what buyers are most critical about. If either or both of these rooms seem dirty, the buyer may lose interest immediately. If you don’t have much time on your hands, start with deep cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms. Storing food in your cabinets and fridge away from plain sight is one simple thing you can do to help the kitchen look cleaner. Look at the walls and floors too – are the floors sticky? Is there some spaghetti sauce splatters on the wall above the stove? Try to look in every nook and cranny to make sure there are no leftover surprises.

Destroy the Mildew

Not only does mildew look gross, but it will contribute to odors that are unsavory to anyone, especially buyers. Make sure that you use bleach or a bleached based cleaner to scrub around your showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Washing your shower curtains as well so that they are not stained by mildew is another one of these important selling tips to get your house sold.

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Consider the Carpets

With recent articles out about what can grow in carpets and how much dirt and germs carpets can hold, be sure to make sure your carpets are cleaned. If you have taken care of them by regularly vacuuming, you may be ok to just spot clean. If your carpets are older or have not been taken care of on a regular basis, you will want to hire a carpet cleaner. Getting your carpets cleaned can make a world of difference in your living areas and bedrooms.

Take a Deep Breath

Or maybe have your friends do that. What do they smell when they come in your house? You may want to try and air out you home a few days by keeping the windows open for as long as you’re in the home. Air cleaning products are also relatively inexpensive and can help improve the air quality in your home.

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Curb Appeal – Don’t forget your car

First impressions count when selling your home in Henderson. What is the first thing that buyers look at when they visit a new property? Is it your brand-new kitchen or that wonderful new paint job you spent hours on? Leaving a good first impression on a buyer means ensuring the exterior of your home is clean, tidy and makes an impact. Do you have a front driveway? Keeping a filthy car in your driveway may be preventing you from selling your home if it’s been on the market for some time. A clean car is also a safe car and, when it is parked outdoors all day, the desert dirt and sand can damage your cars interiors as well as its appearance. Your front driveway may not be making the impact it needs to sell your home in Henderson so you may have to think about how you can use your car to make a positive impression.

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