What is Probate?

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What is Probate?

Posted December 27, 2021 in Real Estate Terms

Selling a home under difficult circumstances?

Are you selling a relative’s Henderson home who is disabled or deceased? Be sure to contact us! We have experience in probate and other situations involving selling a home under difficult circumstances. To get connected with a real estate attorney or Henderson REALTOR® be sure to contact us at 702-509-1446!

What is Probate?

You may have heard this Henderson real estate term before, but what is probate? Probate is a process that begins after someone dies. A court will then settle the deceased’s estate and sell or distribute assets to those with legal claims such as spouses or family members. Probate can be a very simple process when the deceased left a will. In the case that a will is involved, all the courts will do is divide their assets according to the deceased legally documented wishes. If there is no will, the process may be complicated and a little overwhelming if there are many claiming to have a right to the deceased’s property.

It is also during probate that a court will determine whether or not a questioned will is valid and sometimes the court will settle the estate of the deceased person themselves. The estate will be administered in the case that the courts have to settle the estate themselves.  The estate that the courts are settling includes everything that the deceased person owns. Keep in mind that courts usually require information such as death certificates, their assets, and will within 30 days of the person’s death.

If you have any additional questions about this process or require an attorney and real estate agent to help sell property in probate, contact the Henderson REALTORS® of Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446. These Henderson real estate agents have experience in probate cases and can connect you with an outstanding attorney who can help you through the process.


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