Probate in Henderson, Nevada

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Probate in Henderson, Nevada

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Depending on the situation, probate may be an easy process, or it may be very complex. This usually depends on how many heirs are involved, how clear the deceased’s will is or if the deceased had a will at all if there is anyone who plans on contesting the will, and what kind of items and the value of the things that the deceased left behind. What the deceased left behind is often called the “estate,” and oftentimes the estate includes real estate such as a home or investment properties. If the estate is to be divided by value, oftentimes the property in the estate will be sold and the funds will be divided to pay off debt and taxes, then to heirs or to charities depending on the situation.

If the Henderson home or property is to be sold in probate, there are 5 methods of selling a probate property in Henderson. These are the 5 most common methods, but sometimes certain cases are very complex and require other means of selling the house in Henderson. Below are the 5 most common ways probate homes are sold in Henderson, Nevada.


The first of the methods of selling a probate property in Henderson is a private sale. This sale requires an attorney who will be responsible for overseeing the process of getting the Henderson home sold. The attorney will receive sealed bids from potential buyers and hold them until a predetermined time. At the appointed time, the attorney will open all the bids and simply select the highest bid. This bypasses negotiations and makes the sale very impersonal, simply accepting the bid that brings the estate the most money in the end.

Why hire a real estate agent?


This method of selling a probate property in Henderson usually involves an auction company. This company will send their clients a list of homes they will be auctioning off in Henderson and the date that these Henderson properties will be auctioned. Once interested parties gathered at the time of the auction, bids will be accepted orally and the highest bid will get the probate home in Henderson.


This may be one of the methods of selling a probate property in Henderson may be most familiar with. This method may be the most simple as well. What will happen for a public auction sale is that there will be a time scheduled for the auction. There will be guidelines for advertising that the Henderson probate property is required since it is a public auction. At the time of the auction, buyers will gather and orally bid on the home. As in the method of selling a probate property in Henderson above, the highest bid will receive the home.


This type of probate sale is pretty simple. This often happens with probate cases that do not have a capable or named executor, or a personal representative, to manage the sale of the home. In this case, the trust department will handle the sale of the home themselves.

Probate in Henderson, Nevada - 5 methods of selling a probate property in Henderson Nevada Desert Realty


This is the most preferred method of selling a probate property in Henderson and how most probate homes in Henderson are sold. In this method, the executor of the will (called the personal representative during probate) chooses a real estate agent to sell the home in Henderson. Why this is often the best option is because, with auctions, probate homes will be sold at the time of the auction. This means that the estate may not get the current market value for the home. Having an experienced Henderson real estate agent will ensure that the home sells for the right price fast. If you are the personal representative for a probate case, be sure to contact a real estate agent in Henderson who has years of experience in the local market and has also worked with several probate cases as often probate cases require specific knowledge and experience by themselves.

Probate in Henderson, Nevada – 5 methods of selling a probate property in Henderson.

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