Probate in Boulder City, Nevada

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Probate in Boulder City, Nevada

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One of the things Boulder City is known for is its retirement population, reaching almost 50% of the residents. There are also a couple of retirement and golf course communities that offer other active adult events and activities. One of the sad things about having a large retirement community is the high percentage of Boulder City real estate listings that are going through probate. Probate in Boulder City, Nevada often deals with real estate as many retirees sell their homes to buy a place in Boulder City. After they pass, the property will often go into probate and may be sold so the proceeds can be divided amongst the heirs or creditors.


So what exactly is probate in Boulder City, Nevada? Probate is what happens when someone dies and their assets become a part of their estate, which will be divided so first their debts will be paid, and then their heirs will receive the rest of the cut if certain items are not given away specifically in the deceased’s will. Probate can be an extremely simple process and only take a short time period, or it can be very complicated depending on the situation.


Probate stays in the county of the deceased’s residence. Even if the whole family is located across the

Probate in Boulder City, Nevada Desert Realty Boulder City real estate

country, probate will remain where the deceased resided and will not be moved. You will have to talk to the probate attorney working on the probate case that you are interested in to find out who needs to be at the hearings and who doesn’t have to attend.


Usually, probate doesn’t start till a few weeks or months after the deceased’s death in order to give the family time to process their loss, depending on which county you are in. This also gives those working on the file time to make a record of all of the deceased’s assets and debts. Depending on the situation, a probate case can be a short time period, or it can stretch across several months or even years. The longer probate cases are obviously the more complicated ones. What complicates a probate case is a lack of a will, a will, or multiple wills that may have questionable validity, and the size and complexity of the deceased’s estate.


The four main people involved in a Boulder City probate case are the personal representative, the probate clerk, the heirs, and the attorney who is paid by the estate. The attorney will be paid an amount which is set by Nevada law and that amount will come out of the estate along with the debts of the estate, which would be before the heirs receive their inheritance. The personal representative is the executor if there is a will. If there is no will, the court will elect an administrator who will act in an executor’s place.

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