Open Door vs Our Services

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Open Door vs Our Services

Posted December 27, 2021 in Uncategorized


Open door is a real estate company that has locations in Las Vegas. This company will make you an offer on your Las Vegas home. If you accept that offer, they will pay for an inspector to come to your home and reduce the amount of money they will give you for the home by the amount of money required to make repairs to the home. Open Door will then pay you for the home and you can go look at other Open Door homes with their app whenever you would like, without a real estate agent there to help you. If you find a home that you like, they’ll help you close escrow on that new home.

Approximately how much does Open Door charge you for this service? 10% of the sale price of the home after you take into account all the additional fees that are on their website that you will need to pay in order to sell your Las Vegas or Henderson home. Many other Las Vegas real estate agents will charge around 6%, depending on what kind of services they provide. In addition to the 10% fee for them buying your house, Open Door will resell your home for about 6% more than they purchased it from you.


Nevada Desert Realty’s Las Vegas real estate agents will come to your house and help you arrange your home in a way that will help buyers pay top dollar for your home. Nevada Desert Realty will also stage your home if your Las Vegas property is vacant. We will set aside enough time to walk you through the process of selling your home, how we can work together with you to sell your home in Henderson or Las Vegas for the best price possible. Remember, we are not the ones purchasing your house from you and there will not be a conflict of interests in our pricing strategy. We make more money when you make more money, so we’re in this together.

Nevada Desert Realty will also market your property to hundreds of different websites, both nationally and internationally, to get your home maximum exposure. Their agents will be available to show your home to potential buyers and will leave a lockbox on the home so other real estate agents will be motivated to show your home to their buyers as well. We will also offer our buyers a percentage of our commission so that they will be very motivated to bring buyers to see your home. Multiple interested buyers often lead to bidding wars that will help you sell your Las Vegas or Henderson home for the above-asking price.

Nevada Desert Realty will also negotiate on your behalf. We are honored when we have homeowners contact us to sell their homes, and we make it our responsibility to make sure you’re the one getting the best end of the real estate transaction. Though Open Door advertises free inspections, it is not common for the seller to pay for the inspection, it is usually paid for by the buyer anyways. Our agents will be available for you every step of the way and can walk you through every form, explaining the importance of each signature. We charge a competitive price for Las Vegas and Henderson. You do not pay us a penny until your home closes escrow and you move out. We also offer up to half the commission to other agents if they are able to find you a buyer before we do. Again, no conflict of interests, we get more money if we sell your Las Vegas or Henderson home for more money.

If you are a buyer, purchasing your new Las Vegas or Henderson home is a little less complicated! We are experts in finding our clients their dream homes, and we do our best to not waste your time showing you homes that don’t match your criteria. We’re going to work to get you a fair market value when purchasing a home in Henderson or Las Vegas, and are not selling you a home that we own.

When you are ready to sell your Las Vegas or Henderson home, know that you should always talk to more than 1 Henderson or Las Vegas real estate agent. Make them give you an estimated costs sheet outlining what they will be paid and the total amount of money you will be dividing your profits for. If you are ready to interview real estate agents in Henderson or Las Vegas that do not have a conflict of interests, be sure to call Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446 to schedule your free appointment.

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