Moving To Henderson, NV — Here’s What You Need To Know

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Moving To Henderson, NV — Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted March 1, 2022 in Buyer Info,Henderson Happenings!

Moving to a new city or state is exciting, and it can also be nerve-racking. You are leaving
everything familiar behind, but you also have the opportunity to experience new things. Knowing
more than the basics about your new city can help relieve some of your anxiety.

Henderson is only a few miles away from Las Vegas and the city’s non-stop action. But unlike
the larger city, Henderson has a close-knit vibe, making it an ideal place to raise a family. In
2017, Forbes listed it as one of the safest cities to live in in the United States.

Advantages of Moving to Henderson

Henderson is only about a twenty-minute drive from the Vegas Strip, where you can catch a
show or spend an hour or so at the card tables. Like the rest of Nevada, Henderson does not
assess a state-income tax. You do pay sales tax, and it’s slightly higher than the U.S. average.
It’s also hard to complain about the area’s winter weather. You get to enjoy the warm desert
climate with low humidity levels.

The city boasts plenty of attractions. You don’t have to make the drive to Las Vegas to have fun.
Along with shopping, residents can take advantage of several parks and outdoor recreation
areas. Sidewalk cafes and upscale dining are found in the city. Parents will appreciate the top-
rated public and private school systems.

Moving to any city can come with a downside or two. Summers are uncomfortably hot in the
desert. Be prepared for high air conditioning bills, but it is slightly offset by lower winter heating
costs. The unemployment rate in Henderson is a little higher than the national average. It’s
something to consider if you are moving to the area in hopes of landing a new job.


The Housing Market in Henderson

The housing market in Henderson is similar to those across the nation. It’s a sellers’ market,
with more buyers than homes for sale. You can expect to pay higher than average prices,
especially if you are looking for amenities like a pool or dedicated space for your home theater

Henderson also has a strong renters market. An estimated one-third of homes are currently being rented.

Home prices also depend on the neighborhood. Unicorn Hills and Macdonald Highlands boost
mansions with price tags in the millions. More affordable areas include Pittman, Black Mountain,
Highland Hills, and Townsite to name a few.

Before you settle on a home, check the property tax. It’s higher than the national average,
around 0.966 percent in 2019. The tax is annual, and it can affect your ability to meet your
mortgage obligations.

Getting Around Henderson

Henderson, NV, is a city geared for car owners. You can take advantage of the 24/7 mass
transit system, but service routes are limited the farther you get from downtown. The city is also
lacking a robust system of bike lanes and walking trails. Unless you live in the immediate
downtown area, you will need a vehicle to run daily errands.

Traffic congestion problems are minimal. The average commute from the suburbs to downtown
takes around 20 minutes. It’s shorter than most other similarly sized U.S. cities. Interstate 11, 1-
515, and State Route 582 all run through or beside the city, making it easy to get to your


Henderson, NV, is a family-friendly city not far from Las Vegas. You are close to the action and
can still enjoy a small-town lifestyle. You also have plenty of neighborhoods to choose each with
advantages. Enjoy the desert weather and no state income taxes, along with everything else the
city has to offer.

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