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Ikea – Las Vegas

Posted December 9, 2015 in Living Las Vegas

Grand Opening For Ikea Las Vegas Scheduled for June 2016

Residents of the Las Vegas Valley have long anticipated the opening of Ikea Las Vegas. Residents no longer have to make the 4-5 hour drive to Covina California, Tempe, Arizona, or Draper Utah to find great deals on furniture, household items, and more. Located on a 26-acre lot off the 215 and Durango, this building will measure over 350,000 square feet.

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Ikea Las Vegas will include approximately 50 rooms for design ideas, a giant restaurant serving American and Swedish food and being able to fit approximately 450 people, and a parking lot able to fit 1,300 cars. Some other features of this new Ikea is a children’s play area where they too can shop through their own Ikea Las Vegas. Baby care rooms will also be offered to mothers with young children. Adults too can enjoy shopping through Ikea where over 10,000 items will be displayed throughout the year.

Las Vegas residents are not only excited about being able to shop at Ikea Las Vegas, but also the jobs, business, and tax money it will bring to the Las Vegas economy. It has been reported that about 300 jobs will be offered to Las Vegas residents. Being that the unemployment rate in Las Vegas is almost 7.5%, which is 2% higher than the United States unemployment rate, hundreds of Las Vegas residents will benefit from this local opportunity. Ikea has been ranked in the top 100 countries to work for in several different magazines and often will support different community programs for children or conservation.

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As a company, Ikea is known for being very resourceful and conservation-minded. Solar panels have been installed at 9 out of 10 Ikea locations and will be installed on top of Ikea Las Vegas. This project will cost approximately 2.5 million dollars and will measure almost 250,000 square feet. This solar project is being performed by Helix Electric who understands that Ikea is setting a great example by going green, and will save money in the long run and conserve enough energy to power almost 170 homes a year. These solar panels may be able to power 60% of the store, but no official numbers have been released. This project is projected to pay for itself in less than 5 years. Solar isn’t the only way Ikea is looking to conserve natural resources, but will also be making efforts to conserve water and help clients recycle by having recycled options on trash cans.

Many real estate experts are expecting a small increase in the Las Vegas real estate market due to Ikea. As approximately 200 Ikea employees will be relocating to Las Vegas, that extra 200 people will be looking for homes for sale near Ikea Las Vegas. These new residents are coming into town with a steady job position, which will help the economy in addition to the taxes, jobs, and business being brought in by Ikea alone. With 200 people looking for a place to call home in Las Vegas, an additional 300 job positions would also indicate that 300 people will be able to help increase their households’ yearly income which may move many people to stop renting and finally purchase a home.

Ikea has been in operation for over 70 years and has over 350 locations throughout the world. Out of these 350 locations, almost 40 are in the United States, but there are 44 different countries that have an Ikea location.

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