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How to rent your house in Henderson

Looking for passive income? Rental property is a great option for investing some money and acquiring additional income every month with very little work from you. You might be confused on how to rent your house in Henderson, and you have many options! Below are some things every homeowner should know when trying to figure out how to rent your house in Henderson.

Hire a Henderson property manager

The first way how to rent your house in Henderson is to hire a local Henderson property manager who will take care of everything for you! Enlist the help of an expert who has rented out hundreds of homes to good clients. Henderson property managers should have the means of providing background checks on all rental applications to make sure that they pay their bills on time, do not have any criminal background, and have not been evicted from other rental homes and apartments. Property managers screen applications on a daily basis and a good Henderson property manager will often be able to tell when an application seems sketchy. A Henderson property manager should also be able to price the home right and market it so it gets rented quickly. A good property manager will have years of experience and will not charge you anything until you have a tenant creating income.

Clean and prep your home

Another way how to rent out your house in Henderson is to clean and prep your home. If you are going to get a good tenant paying rent at the maximum you can charge rent for, you will want to make sure your home is spotless. This is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do and it really makes a difference to those looking for a home to be renting one that is clean. You may also want to have your carpets/floors professionally cleaned as this will help the whole house seem cleaner. You may also want to repaint some areas of your home that have dirty walls or loud colors. Painting your home with neutral colors will attract a wider variety of people to come and see your home. If you are planning on living in it until you find a tenant, try to pack up as much clutter and extra furniture pieces so the home seems smaller. Taking down personal photos or artwork will also help declutter the home.

Take good pictures

If you are listing the home for rent yourself, be sure to get really good photos. If you are taking them yourself you may want to watch a few youtube videos on how to have your home appear larger, more open and spacious for those pictures. Remember that the photos will filter out many potential tenants. It is in your best interest to have them show off your home, not cause tenants to skip over it because the photos are bad.

Market the home

This is something that your property manager will do for you, but if you’ve chosen to try and rent your house in Henderson out yourself, you will need to post photos and descriptions of your home on several internet websites. Be careful in this step, on some websites you may just want to include your email/phone number and not your exact address.

Screen Tenants

Have an application to give to each potential tenant to fill out. Be sure to fact check these applications to make sure they earn as much as they say they do, have been good tenants to the last landlords they’ve had, and have no eviction history or late monthly payments. Having late monthly payments often indicate that they can have a hard time making sure they pay each month. Be as thorough as you can with this step as it will save you a lot of headache later by avoiding bad tenants.

Have them sign the lease

You should definitely get professional advice in getting or writing your own lease. Having a lease with legal issues can put you at the mercy of a lawsuit and cost you a lot of money. It may also trap you with horrible tenants that aren’t taking care of your house in Henderson.

Move in walkthrough

You will want to walk through the home with your new tenants and make note of every imperfection in the home. This way when they move out you’ll know what they have or haven’t done to the home that requires fixing. At this point, it would be good to collect the tenant’s deposits. There are several legal requirements for landlords as to how to store tenant deposits, so be sure to talk to someone and get professional advice on where to put the deposits.

Establish a payment plan

Have a plan as to how your tenants will pay you every month. There are many websites or computer softwares that will do this for you, so shop around and discover which works best for you!
After you’ve rented out your home, you will want to check in every once in awhile to make sure the home is being taken care of. You will have to notify the tenant if you ever wish to enter the property, but for the most part quick drive-bys will do the trick. If you feel overwhelmed or don’t know how to rent your house in Henderson, you can hire a local property manager at any time. If you find yourself with bad tenants and don’t wish to go through the whole process of renting out your home in Henderson again, call a local property manager! For a free consultation with an experienced Henderson property manager, contact Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446!

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