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How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?

Are you looking to earn passive income? One of the best ways to do this is through rental properties. Even if you are moving out of your home and are looking for an alternative to selling, renting out your home may be a great option for you! To answer the question, “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?” you will first have to research several factors. Below are the top 5 factors that will determine the answer to “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?

5 factors that will determine the answer to “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?

The condition of the home

Is your home clean? Updated? Or does it look like it could use some work? If your home is sparkly clean with modern countertops, paint colors, with somewhat new appliances, you can probably rent it out for the home’s maximum potential rent. You may want to enlist the help of an expert to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t update to get your home ready to be listed for rent.

When you’re listing your home for rent

One of the determining factors of, “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?” is when you’re listing your home. If you can, you will want to avoid times such as November and December as most people like to be settled during this time of the year. Many families try to move in the early summer months so they don’t disrupt their child’s school year. If you’re listing the home in the spring and early summer, you’ll be in sync with the time of year with the highest demand. With elevated interest comes elevated prices and you should be able to get your home rented fast for asking price.

Special Feature

If your home has special features, such as RV/boat parking, a pool, a wet bar, or any other features that are not necessarily “common” in Henderson, you may be able to raise the price of your rental property in Henderson. You may not realize your home even has special features, for instance your house may be one of the only homes in your neighborhood that has 5 bedrooms, one of the few single stories in the area, have a great view, and more! Having an experienced Henderson property manager will help you discover what your home’s special feature(s) is and use that as a marketing piece to get your home rented.

Comparable homes for rent

You will want to look at what rental properties in your area are being rented for. If you are working with a property manager, you will be able to get this list from them. You will want to be looking at homes that have been rented within the last six months to a year, with newer prices being more accurate. You will want to make sure that these homes have similar square footage and bedroom/bathroom count. Having a pool will also increase the price of a rental, so be mindful of whether or not your comparables have pools or if you have a pool at your home. You may also want to try to find photos of each rental to see if it is in a similar condition to your home. Working with a Henderson property manager will really help you answer the question, “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?”


If no one knows that you are renting your home out, you will not get any tenants! Make sure your friends and family know that you are renting your home out as they may also be looking for a new home to rent. If you don’t feel comfortable renting to someone you know, make flyers, put up a sign (if it is allowed in your community), post classified ads online, tell your neighbors as they may have friends or family that like the area or want to move close to relatives themselves. With a Henderson Property Manager, they will market the home for you. If you choose the right property manager, they will not charge you a thing until they find you a tenant, so allowing them to market the home for you will come at no extra cost or energy to you. Extensive marketing will get more people aware of your rental and more potential tenants.

how much can I rent my house for in Henderson Property ManagementIf you are still unsure about answering the question, “How much can I rent my house for in Henderson?” Contact Nevada Desert Realty’s property managers at 702-509-1446 for a free consultation in person or over the phone!

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