How much can you get for your home every month?

Get passive income by renting out your home! Contact us for a free valuation to find out how much money you can get monthly from your home!

 Why Hire A Property Manager?

Get a team of experts on your side who have rented out hundred of homes. We know how to find great tenants and get your home rented as soon as possible. Once your home is rented, we will collect rent, ensure that your real estate investment is being maintained, complete and store paperwork. Let us do the work as your tenant helps you pay off your real estate investment!


Process of making your home an investment property!

The process of making your home in Henderson or Las Vegas an investment property is actually quite simple! Contact us at 702-509-1446 and we’ll start on the process below to get your home rented fast!


  1. Get Top Dollar For Your Property

We will show you what other homes are being rented for in your neighborhood and price your home competitively. We will then list your home and do an online market blasting to make sure that every major online rental site has your home on it! This is how we get your home rented fast so you can start receiving payment on your new investment home!

  1. Get The Best Tenants

We have an extensive screening process in which we will check their credit, criminal history, debt to income ratio, rental history and verify current residence and interview their current landlord, as well as an income verification.

  1. Get Your Check In The Mail!

Once we get you fantastic tenants, we will be sending you the check (or direct depositing based on your preferences). Your tenants can pay online via their tenant portal or come into our office to pay rent. We will handle the utility and maintenance bills for your home and charge the tenants accordingly. We conduct regular inspections to ensure that your home is being taken care of!

About Nevada Desert Realty and Property Management


Anna and Michael Klinger have been real estate agents for about 15 years and really go the extra mile for Henderson Property Management Klinger Real Estate Group Nevada Desert Realtyeach client. After helping several investors buy investment properties in Henderson and Las Vegas, they discovered how difficult it was for these clients to find a property manager they could trust. As a favor to a few past clients and now friends, Anna and Michael Klinger decided to manage a few properties that they helped their clients purchase. Once they proved they were great property managers, many of their friends and past clients requested that they manage additional properties as well. The international brokerage that Anna and Michael were a part of at the time had many restrictions on property management and Anna and Michael realized they needed to open their own brokerage to better assist their past clients in the property management services they provided.


Henderson Property Manager Klinger Real Estate Group Nevada Desert RealtyMichael and Anna Klinger opened Nevada Desert Realty in January of 2015 to be able to provide more services for their property management clients and have more freedom themselves to be able to help more people in need of other real estate assistance. After moving to their own brokerage, they more than doubled the amount of properties they were managing as more and more people needed their property management assistance.

Now Anna and Michael have hired a property manager with over 10 years experience as a property manager to assist them with their growing business as well as a marketing admin to enable them to get homes rented faster. Michael is also a professional photographer to provide clients with quality photos for marketing each property management property. Anna is fluent in Spanish which allows her to reach out to more people than many other property managers. Anna and Michael Klinger continue to go the extra mile for their clients, whether homeowners or tenants, to ensure that their clients are receiving the best service possible.