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Purchasing a house in Henderson or Las Vegas verses Renting

Many struggle with the question, “Should I buy my home or rent it?” There are obvious benefits to both. As a renter you can simply walk away from a property if your lease is up and you no longer wish to live in the home or area. You also can call your landlord and have him send a technician to fix the home without paying a dime. As a renter, you also don’t have to worry about the depreciation of the home or the current state of the real estate market.

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As you’ve seen above there are several benefits to renting, however, it may be your best option to purchase your own home in Henderson or Las Vegas. When you purchase your own home, your monthly payments are building equity in your own real estate, not disappearing forever. You can also deduct the interest you pay on your home in your taxes. You can also paint your home, install new flooring, or even just hang up artwork or picture frames without having to get landlord approval. You also have the option of locking in a monthly payment amount, without having to worry that the landlord is going to raise the rent when your lease is up. You also won’t have to worry about having to move because the landlord has other plans for the home.

Below is a table which shows the money you are loosing over 5-30 years if you continue to rent and never purchase a home.

Renting vs Buying Nevada Desert Realty - Klinger

Keep in mind that the money that you pay in rent is gone forever. If this chart is motivating you to purchase your own home, contact the Klinger Group at 702-509-1446 to find out what you need to do to purchase a house in Henderson or Las Vegas.


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