Rental Application Process



Email the completed application to 

along with the following items listed below:


All adult occupants aged 18+ must complete an application and be listed.

One month's worth of pay stubs for all applicants (or proof of income)

For self-employed applicants or tip-earners: 12 months' worth of bank statements and a copy of the last two years of tax returns.

Pictures of pets (if any). NOTE: Not all pets will be accepted (subject to owner &/or insurance approval). Please disclose the type of pet, breed, and weight before confirming showing or submitting an application.

Verification/Proof of Identity or Copies of ID’s for ALL applicants.

Contact information for your landlord for the past 2 years, more years can be provided if desired.

Proof of rent payments for the last 12 months, can include copies of your payment ledger, canceled checks, or copies of transfers or electronic payments.


A non-refundable application fee must be paid of $80 for the first adult applicant/occupant and $40 for each additional adult applicant/occupant.


NOTE: It is much more expensive to add an occupant after lease signing and move-in, so please complete it for all who plan on living on the premises during the lease duration. Otherwise, additional fees and penalties may be applied later. Additional occupants may not reside on the premises without the Landlord's written consent, otherwise the tenant will be in lease violation.


Once we receive the application and additional documents required, the applicant(s) will receive an email with a payment link. *** If you haven’t received a payment link within 24 business hours please call or text us to verify if the office received your application, as sometimes applications get filtered to spam. We can be reached at 702-265-0029 and can receive text messages. We process all applications as applications are received and submit them to the Landlord for approval. We do accept multiple applications. Once the Landlord has approved an application we will stop accepting applications.

The application process includes but is not limited to a credit check, rental history verification for the past 2 years, employment and/or income verification, and income qualifying ratios of 50% maximum debt to income.




Security Deposit = 1 Month’s Rent (*** O.A.C.)

Cleaning Deposit = $450.00

Key Deposit = $150.00

Pet Deposit = $500.00, minimum (varies based upon # of pets or size/weight.)

A $150.00 Lease Administration Fee is due upon move-in.




Good credit with minimum 620 credit score; no recent late payments, no housing/utility collections.

Good Rental History verified by Landlord; no evictions, repossessions or foreclosures within the past 7 years. If private landlord or family/friend proof of rent payments &/or additional deposit may be required. If applicant is currently a homeowner we will pull your payment history from your credit report.

Employment verification.

50% Maximum Debt to Income ratio, including proposed rent.

If tip earner or self-employed, proof of income will be required as stated above.




Once an application has been approved, we will reserve a property off the market for up to 2 weeks before moving in. To reserve a property off the market, a holding deposit equal to 1 month’s rent will be required within 24 hours of notifying the applicant of the approved application. Your holding deposit will be applied towards your total move-in fees/costs once you move in. Should the applicant choose later on not to proceed with the move-in, the holding deposit will be non-refundable & forfeited to the Landlord.


Tenants are responsible for all utilities unless there is a special circumstance for the building or unit. All utilities include electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone, and cable (if desired). Proof of utility activation is required before move-in.

Tenants will be required to obtain Tenant Insurance before move-in.